Digital accounts for businesses helps businesses to manage payments with digital accounts and debit cards that support a range of payment services. Their mission is to make digital accounts easy to open, safe and accessible for businesses at every growth stage.

With you can

Create - Instantly open all the current accounts you need
Access - Pay and get paid using a host of payment services
Control - Stay in control with the mobile and web apps
Build - Use the API to integrate with third-party systems
Trust - Gain peace of mind, knowing they are regulated and built to the highest standards

Payment Services

A account provides businesses with access to a range of real-time and competitive payment services including:

Sterling and Euro Accounts - Open as many accounts as you need to manage payments and simplify reconciliation. Every account has its own unique details – sort code and account numbers for sterling accounts and IBANs for euro accounts.

Bank Transfers - With you can pay and get paid by bank transfers to and from any bank account in the UK or Eurozone. If you’re selling in sterling and euro, a account is ideal for managing payments in both currencies.

Debit Cards - Order as many debit cards as you need. You can link your debit cards to any of your accounts and use your card to pay instore, shop online or take out cash from an ATM.

A debit card is linked to both a sterling and euro account, so you automatically pay from your sterling account when transacting in sterling and from your euro account when paying in euro, avoiding unnecessary bank fees.
Deavn Hughes - CEO and Co-Founder, Buymie

FX Transfers - Instantly transfer funds between your Fire euro and sterling accounts at any time. The FX rate and fee are displayed before a transaction is executed so you know exactly what you’re getting. Funds are immediately available and you can make real-time FX transfers between your accounts 24×7, 365 days a year. API - To automate large volumes of payments use Fire API to integrate your internal business systems or applications directly to your accounts. All payments initiated via the API are securely authorised via the firework mobile app, assuring you of the highest control standards.

Accounting Compatibility – Fire provides statements compatible with major online accounting packages, enabling you to download account statements in industry standard OFX format for importing into Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks, Sage One and many others.

Direct Debits - Direct debits are available with Fire sterling accounts but not currently available with euro accounts. This enables you to easily and conveniently pay from your sterling accounts by Direct Debit.

Payment Requests - Payment Requests are a simple way to get paid by Fire personal users. As a business you can create a Fire Payment Request and share it via URL or QR code across any media – online web/mobile site, in app, email, message or print.


To be eligible for a business account you must be a Sole Trader or a Limited Company, registered in the UK or Ireland. Directors may be based out of these areas in some instances. If invited to sign up, you will be required to prove your identity and nature of business with supporting documentation. Once approved, will aim to have your business account set up within 48 hours. There is no set-up cost and you only pay as you transact. View the business account fees here.  

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